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KN95 Disposable Non-Medical Five Layer Protective Mask, Pack of 5 Mask

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Non-Medical Protective Mask, KN95 Five  Layer Disposable Masks

To stay safe in contagious environment, disposable masks are used which covers nose and mouth of an individual.  These masks  protects to keep away from the germs of sneeze 95% cough. These masks has 5 layers.  

Layer 1: Non-woven fabric layer -  Effectively block particles such as droplets and floating dust

Layer 2&3: Double high quality meltbrown layer -  Higher than 95% filtration of non oily particles in the air.

Layer 4: Thickened cotton layer -  Block the missing bacteria, PM2.5 and pollen in the air.

Layer 5: Hydrophilic non-woven fabric layer -  Attach the heat exhaled from the body and make the skin dry and comfortable.  

How to use:

1. Spread the mask up and down   completely

2. Let the mask cover the mouth, nose and chin completely.

3. Press the nose strip with the trip of your fingers and move along the nose's shape to the slide.

4. Position the mask so it fits the face.

NOTE: KN95 masks can sustained use for 6-8 hours, no more than 24 hours in any environment. Store in a clean environment, protect against direct sunlight and mask deformation. Do not use microwave oven to sterilize, it's not washable.

You will receive  5 masks in a pack.

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