Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Technology Thermometer, One second temperature measurements

Faster Testing:  These thermometer gives results in one second for kids, infants and adults which is faster than the conventional thermometers. These non contact infrared thermometers are  highly accurate.

Easy to use:  Quite mode scanning with push button which allows you to scan without noise that may wake them up. Also, you can change Celsius and  Fahrenheit using an instant button.

Product maintenance and servicing methods since the product is a reusable device, please pay attention to the cleaning process after use. Please keep the sensor and probe cavity clear, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected. Clean the surface with a clean soft cloth or cotton stick and a little medical spray or water to wipe the dirty place. Clean the inner cavity of the sensor and probe with a clean soft cloth or cotton stick dipped with a little medical alcohol and gently wipe the inner cavity of the head or the top of the sensor. The sensor can only be used after the alcohol has completely  evaporated.

Batteries are not included  with the thermometer.

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